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SFC2500 Insulating Glass Production Line
SFC2500 Insulating Glass Production Line
1.This machine is used for making double glass,triple glass , big and small glass and so on

2.Maximum processing size for this line 2500X3000mm

SFC2500 Insulating Glass Production Line Features

1.Adopts imported low-voltage electrical component and senser;the line is automatically by PLC during the whole operation.

2.With storage room for small pieces of glass and washing glass produce can be done successively,the machine has high efficiency in production.

3.Adopts preface touch screen.which is convenient to operate.

4.Peculiar distance diagnose system,support the software and hardware technology in time.

5.Has energy saving dis continuity automatic working system.The section in use will run at full speed,other parts are in intellectual dormancy state if they don't work.

6.The back board is high density board.


Voltage                                                380V 50Hz    

Total Power                                         34KW

Cleaning Speed                                   2-12m/min

Max. Work Speed                              48m/min

Min. Glass Size                                   450X450nn

Max. Glass Size                                 2500X2500mm    

Max Insulating Glass Thickness       40mm

Air Consumption                                 600L/min

Dimension                                           24600X2500X3450mm     

Total Weight                                      6500KG

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