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Four Heads Seamless Welding Machine
Four Heads Seamless Welding Machine
1.This is machine can weld both color and white PVC window profiles, welding seam will not be seen.

2.It can weld four four corners one time

    Four Heads Seamless Welding Machine Features

    1.The machine is made up of 4 machine heads, machine frame, electric control tank and material supporting fame etc.
    2.Can weld and clean the corner at one time. Specially for the colored profile. 
    3.There are fixing mechanism, pressing mechanism, heating mechanism and head box etc. on machine head. 
    4.The machine is used for PVC window and door welding processing; it can achieve the whole welding processing individually. 
    5.It features advanced technology, reliable function, and easy operation. 
    6.One of the machine heads can be used for welding processing with variable angles; it is also suitable for special shaped window welding like arch window. 
    7.The 4 machine heads can be used individually, simultaneously or combinative. The four machine heads can be combined at will. 


    Voltage:                                         220V   50HZ
    Air pressure:                                 0.5-0.8MPa
    Air consumption:                            80L/min
    Profile height:                                20mm-100mm
    Max. profile width:                        120mm
    Welding size:                                 400-3500mm
    Overall dimension:                         4500mm x1740mm x 1100mm
    Weight:                                          1400KG

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